Paris Real estate, Top of the most profitable financial investments

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The Institute “l’Epargne Immobilière et Foncière” has release a study in June 2015 about the performance of the most popular investments in France. They state that property and real estate in Paris are leading the ranking of the most profitable investments.


A relevant study on the different investments


The Institute “l’Epargne Immobilière et Foncière” (reals estate and property investment) published a study on various investments possible in France , and their short, medium, and long term performance. The first thing to remember is the variability of investments based on the time during which it is placed . Yields can be raised after 4 years and are low in the long term (40 years).


The listed property and Paris real estate or the most profitable


For those who want to invest without risk, here are the rankings of the most profitable investments: In first position, the property, followed by Paris real estate which remains very profitable this has not been forgotten by investors seeking for good opportunities. Stock market equities or bonds, although the French stock lack of dynamism at the beginning (5-10 years) and late investment (40), also remain very profitable investments.


Gold, irregular investment in the long term


Finally, the study of EIFI just bring some clarification on an investment that question everybody : the gold. This metal keep exciting investors. Some see it as a safe haven and other as volatile investment. The EIFI specify that it is an investment victim of irregular trend depending on the period, and that bring in less profit in the long term than real estate investment.